Help our young individuals within the Kasson-Mantorville community by teaching them to value hard work, character, and integrity; Develop a consistent and continuous improvement of baseball skills and techniques in a fun learning atmosphere;

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Kasson, MN

Pee Wees

KMBA’s Pee Wee recreational baseball program is open to players going into 3rd and 4th grade. The program is the first KMBA program which introduces players to live overhand pitching. Regular baseballs will be used. Peewees play 2 nights a week. For the 1st several weeks of the season each week consists of a practice and a game. The practices will give instructions on the fundamentals of the game. All games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The practice dates and times will be determined once the teams are set.

Tryouts are not held for this league, but we strive to have parity amongst the teams. Teams are determined based on input from last year’s coaches, board members and other information provided. Please understand that kids and their skills can change significantly from year to year, so parity is not always achievable, but we try to do the best we can with the information provided. Special requests to be placed on teams with specific coaches/players will be looked at on an individual basis but may be rejected based on the integrity of the league or the reason for the request.

While Pee Wees is primarily an instructional league, scores will be kept along with league standings and an end of year tournament. The current Minnesota State High School Rule book will be used with some exceptions which are included in this document.

The season begins in early June after school ends and concludes in late July/early August. Teams play a schedule of 10-12 games. KMBA provides a shirt & cap to each player and the equipment for the game. Players/parents are to provide a glove, shoes & pants.

For any issues or concerns regarding the league, please send an email to or contact the league commissioner.  

Behavior and Conduct

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  1. This league strives to promote good sportsmanship by its players, coaches, umpires, and fans. Any un-sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Occurrences can result in the suspension of a player or coach at the discretion of the KMBA board.

  2. Foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted. If a player or coach is heard using it, they will be reprimanded and warned by the umpire. If a second offense occurs during the same game, the player or coach will be ejected from that game. Continued use of foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct during league play by that person shall receive appropriate discipline from the league Commissioner.

    NOTE: Coaches have a significant responsibility to keep this "in check" as our umpires, who are usually youthful and less experienced, already have their hands full umpiring the game. Board members, coaches, umpires and fans are expected to be able to police themselves on this issue.

  3. There will be no unnecessary throwing of bats or other equipment at anytime for any reason during the game. The first violation will result in a warning to that player by the home plate umpire. The second violation during the same game will result in AUTOMATIC ejection from that game. Two AUTOMATIC ejections during a season will result in that player forfeiting his/her playing eligibility for the balance of the season. An umpire will make these calls. A gross violation will result in AUTOMATIC ejection.

  4. If a coach or player is ejected from a game (exception rule 2.1.3) they will receive a one game suspension. If a second violation occurs they will be suspended for the season.

Tobacco, Alcohol or Other Drugs

There shall be no use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs on the field by fans, coaches or players. The offender shall be removed from the game. A second violation will result in termination from the league for that year.

Coaches & Players


  1. A background check will be done on all coaches.

  2. Coaches shall be responsible for the collection and return of equipment supplied by KMBA. Any equipment not turned, the coaches will be charged a prorated fee.

  3. Dugout personnel shall consist of not more than: 2 managers, 2 coaches, 1 scorekeeper, and 1 bat person.

  4. No delay tactics will be tolerated; i.e. throwing the ball around the horn or taking infield after designated start time. It is the responsibility of the umpire and coaches to keep the game moving. Any attempt to delay a game shall be considered unsportsmanlike.

  5. Do not pitch with sore-armed pitchers. No game this season is worth a lifetime injury.

  6. Hoffman batting rules will be used. Every player present will be listed in the scorebook before the game starts and will bat in that order without change. Late arriving players must be added to the bottom of the batting order.

  7. No player may coach first base or third base.

  8. Unlimited substitution shall be permitted.

  9. Home team coach must submit their scores to . Scores and standings will be kept and posted on website.

Player Eligibility

  1. To be eligible to participate, a player must be in 3rd or 4th grade during the upcoming school year.

  2. If a team has less than 9 players present, that team is eligible to pick a player from any other Pee Wee or Squirts team. If a team has 9 players present, no other non-roster players are eligible to play. A player that has not signed up to play rec league ball is not eligible to play or be picked up to play.

  3. Players should notify their coach if they are going to miss a game or practice. If notice is not given, the coach may choose not to play that player at the next game. This is totally at the coaches' discretion. This is the only circumstance where the "everybody plays" rule may be lifted.

  4. Except for cases of injury of illness, a player must play in at least half of the team's regularly scheduled games in order to be eligible to participate in the league play-offs. Coaches shall notify the league Commissioner of any player’s ineligibility prior to the team's first play-off game.


  1. Each player must play 3 complete innings in the field and the same amount as their team mates. Exception is in the case of injury.

  2. Players must rotate defensive positions and may not play the same position more than one inning a game. Exceptions to this rule are the pitchers and catchers.

  3. The defensive team shall consist of the standard 9 players.

  4. All infielders shall play at a normal position.

  1. Players may not wear metal spikes. Only tennis shoes, rubber soled, or rubber cleated baseball shoes will be permitted.

  2. Mouth guards are optional.

  3. Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets will not be allowed.

  4. The league recommends that all players wear an athletic supporter. Note: Catchers must wear a protective cup.


  1. The league strongly encourages prospective pitchers to attend all league sponsored practices and pitching clinics. Coaches should determine and use capable pitchers particularly during the start of the season, giving less experienced pitchers an opportunity to refine their skills during the practices provided.

  2. Pitchers are allowed to pitch 2 innings per game.

  3. One pitch thrown constitutes an inning pitched.

  4. There shall be no intentional walks during the regular season. All Batters need to be pitched to. In the playoffs, intentional walks are allowed.

  5. Curve balls are not permitted unless perceived by the umpire to be a form of natural delivery. Any pitch perceived by the umpire to be an attempt to throw a curve will be called a ball unless it is hit. In that event, the manager shall have the choice of the play or the called ball. The umpire shall notify both managers if a ball is called on a curve ball pitch.

  6. The maximum number of warm-up pitches allowed between innings is five (5) unless, at the sole discretion of the umpire, additional warm-ups are warranted due to weather or other conditions.

  7. A pitcher that has already pitched in a game may not reenter that game in a pitching position.

  8. Replacing a pitcher is strongly recommended if there are 3 walks in a row.


  1. Catchers are required to wear masks, chest protectors, shin guards, protective headgear and a protective cup. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. Any player warming up a pitcher shall wear a mask if on the playing field and in a crouched position.

  3. Catchers are allowed to catch 3 innings per game.


  1. Batters are required to protective headgear. Failure to adhere to this rule shall result in a warning to the team manager on the first offense. On second and additional offenses the player will be called out. In the event and out is called, the play is dead.

  2. The on-deck batter must warm up in the on deck circle on the safe side of the batter (behind the batter at the plate).

  3. All players will be in the batting order. Batting order cannot be changed regardless of field substitutions.

  4. Bats must be 2 1⁄4” with no restrictions or bats must be between 2 1⁄2” and 2 3⁄4“ and have a -10 differential or less (i.e. 30” -20.0 oz.). Any bat that does not comply with this rule is prohibited.

  5. No wood bats are allowed.

  6. Any illegal bat used will be an automatic out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  7. There will be no unnecessary throwing of bats or other equipment at anytime for any reason during the game. See rule regarding unsportsmanlike conduct. If a bat is thrown outside of the thrown bat circle, the batter shall be declared out and the base runners shall hold their bases. The bat must be thrown, not carried or dropped outside the circle and must be completely outside the circle for the out to be called.

  1. On a dropped 3rd strike...the batter is out, runner(s) may advance at their own risks (i.e. the ball is considered live).

  2. A batter struck by a pitch is awarded first base.

  3. Bunting is allowed.

Base Runners

  1. Base runners are required to protective headgear. Failure to adhere to this rule shall result in a warning to the team manager on the first offense. On second and additional offenses the player will be called out. In the event and out is called, the play is dead.

  2. A ball being thrown back to the pitcher by the catcher is a dead ball.

  3. Stealing is not permitted.

  4. Base runners can advance as far as possible while the ball remains “in play”.

  5. Balls being overthrown or passed (not caught) which result in the ball going “out of play” will entitle the base runners to the base they were advancing to (at the time of the ball traveling “out of play”) plus (+) an additional base.

  6. During a close play at 2nd, 3rd, or home plate the base runner should slide. Any runner that does not slide and potentially causes a safety concern may be called out at the discretion of the umpire.

  7. Base runners missing a base shall be called "out" only after the opposing coach makes an appeal. This appeal must be made to the umpire before the next play is commenced.

League Rules and Regulations


Rules and regulations are not to be changed during the regular playing season. However, suggestions for the modifications or revisions of these rules for future years are welcome if submitted in writing along with the reasons for the proposed change(s).

In the event that temporary emergency changes must be made, they must have Board approval and written notification will be given to the managers involved one week prior to their enforcement.

All players are required to stay in the dugout unless they are on defense, at bat, or in the on deck circle. There will be no running in and out of the field area or standing by the fence during play.

Only balls issued by KMBA will be used. Bats and helmets will be provided.


  1. Games shall be 5 innings (exception: no new innings shall begin 1 hour and 15 minutes from start time). It is not at the umpire’s discretion to rule on this issue.

  2. If an inning cannot be completed due to darkness or weather, the game will revert back to the last full inning.

  3. Should a game be “called” due to time, weather, or premature darkness, a minimum of 3 1⁄2 - 4 innings shall constitute a full game. Example: If the home team were currently in the lead after 3 1⁄2 innings, then the game would be called a completed game without having to play the bottom of the inning. Games called earlier than 3 1⁄2 innings must be replayed as a new game (see rule 3.2.2 regarding rescheduling of make-up games).

  4. Teams may score a maximum of eight runs per inning (regardless of how far ahead or behind – time consideration).

  5. League games can end in a tie.

  6. 1 hour and 15 minutes from start time shall constitute a full game.

  7. An inning shall consist of 3 outs or termination based upon the eight run rule.

  8. No infield fly rule.

  9. The umpire will call the game after 3 innings on a 15 run spread and 4 innings on a 10 run spread. (This is not at the discretion of the coaches.).

  10. Games shall begin promptly as scheduled. If a team has at least eight players present but is not ready to play at the time the umpire announces "Play Ball", the umpire shall impose a penalty on the offending team by calling either "ball" or "strike" (as appropriate" for each 15 seconds which elapses after the game is to have started.

  11. If a first game has run late so that the second game cannot start as scheduled, the second game shall start five minutes after the conclusion of the first game.


  1. The distance between the bases shall be 65 feet.

    The pitching distance is to be 46 feet.

    The thrown bat circle shall be a 7 foot radius circle around home plate.


  1. It is the intention of this league to field teams composed of 11 to 12 players. The league board reserves the right to modify the quantity of teams being fielded in an effort to provide the most positive playing experience for the players and create the most functional organization possible. Maximum number of players on a team is 13.

  2. Home team is the 2nd team listed on the league schedule & home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout.

  3. Teams must be able to field eight rostered players.

  4. In cases where a team can field only 8 players, the ninth batter is automatically out. Next player to show goes at the line up bottom.


  1. In the event of an injury incurred after the start of the game which (temporarily) prevents a player from running the bases, a courtesy runner may be used.

  2. The courtesy runner shall be the player making the team's last previous out, or if no outs have been recorded in the game, it shall be the last player in the batting order.

  3. Each player may be run for only once during the game. If a player is unable to play in the field or run the bases in subsequent opportunities in the same game, the player shall be removed from the game. No other use of a courtesy runner shall be allowed.

  4. If during the game a player is injured and cannot return to play the game, the game can continue if the team can still field 8 players.

  5. When a team can field only 8 players after an injury, the ninth batter is automatically out rule shall apply. Note: Opposing teams cannot intentionally walk a player to get to the ninth batter to achieve the automatic out.


  1. The game shall be forfeited if a team is unable to field at least eight registered and rostered players.

  2. The game shall be forfeited if a team does not show for a "Commissioner rescheduled" game.

League Standings

  1. League standings will be determined by a point system. Each win will be worth 2 pts. A tie will be worth 1 pt. A loss will be worth 0.

  2. The following End-Of-The-Season tiebreaker will be in effect:
    A] Head to Head Competition.
    Total runs differential between teams affected teams.
    C] Compare won/loss record against common opponents' starting at top of the league and working down through standings.
    Total run differential common opponents' starting at top of the league and working down through standings.
    E] Coin toss.


There shall be no tie games during the playoffs. Games will continue into extra innings.

Tied games that are called because of weather or premature darkness shall be played out from the point playt was suspended at a time scheduled by the league Commissioner. Resumed games shall play until the end of 6 innings or a duly "called" game.