Help our young individuals within the Kasson-Mantorville community by teaching them to value hard work, character, and integrity; Develop a consistent and continuous improvement of baseball skills and techniques in a fun learning atmosphere;

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The T-Ball division is tailored to our youngest athletes in pre-school and kindergarten and is open to both boys and girls. KMBA’s T-Ball program is intended to serve as an introduction to the games of baseball & softball. Since it is primarily an instructional division, emphasis is placed on having fun and on skill development. The children hit off of the tee for the entire season.

Because a strong emphasis is placed on making the game fun and enjoyable, as well as informative, no scores are kept and innings do not end until every child has had the opportunity to bat. Also, reasonable requests for pairings/groupings are honored to the best of KMBA’s ability. Please indicate your request on the registration form.

Although coaches are very involved on the field, they will need the assistance of many parents. As you can imagine, trying to keep a team of 4, 5 and 6 year olds focused, takes the efforts of more than one individual. T-Ball games are typically played once per week with practice time included. The season begins in early June and concludes in late July/early August. Games are 60 minutes.

KMBA will provide each child with a shirt and cap. Parents are responsible for providing a baseball glove, and shoes. Other equipment is supplied. 

League Rules and Regulations

4.1 General

Rules and regulations are not to be changed during the regular playing season. However, suggestions for the modifications or revisions of these rules for future years are welcome if submitted in writing along with the reasons for the proposed change(s).

In the event that temporary emergency changes must be made, they must have Board approval and written notification will be given to the managers involved one week prior to their enforcement.

All players are required to stay in the dugout unless they are on defense, at bat, or in the on deck circle. There will be no running in and out of the field area or standing by the fence during play.

Only balls issued by KMBA will be used. Bats and helmets will be provided.

4.2 Games

  1. 4.2.1  Home team is the 2nd team listed on the league schedule & home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout.

  2. 4.2.2  The official ball will be a synthetic covered incrediball.

  3. 4.2.3  Each child will need there own glove, but the bats, balls, and “T” are furnished by the league.

  4. 4.2.4  The teams will not keep score, and the game will be played for one hour..

  5. 4.2.5  No infield fly rule.

4.3 Field

  1. 4.3.1  The bases will be a distance of 60 feet apart.

  2. 4.3.2  A 10 foot radius will be drawn from the 1st baseline to the 3rd baseline. A ball is fair if it goes beyond

    this line

  3. 4.3.3  No throwing bats. If the bat is thrown completely outside of the 7 foot radius bat circle, the batter will be declared out and the runner may not advance.

4.4 Teams

4.4.1 It is the intention of this league to field teams composed of 11 to 13 players. The league board reserves the right to modify the quantity of teams being fielded in an effort to provide the most positive playing experience for the players and create the most functional organization possible. Maximum number of players on a team is 15.

4.5 Injuries

  1. 4.5.1  In the event of an injury incurred after the start of the game which (temporarily) prevents a player from running the bases, a courtesy runner may be used.

  2. 4.5.2  The courtesy runner shall be the player making the team's last previous out, or if no outs have been recorded in the game, it shall be the last player in the batting order.